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A simple Mother’s Day guide for pastors

Mother’s Day is a complex thing. At New Life we try to embrace the tension by offering words like these (below). As a pastor I’ve had my share of conversations with women who struggle on this day. If you’re a pastor, being aware of this tension is very important.

Here’s some words we generally offer when we gather for Sunday worship on Mother’s Day:
“Mother’s day is wonderful day to celebrate so many women in our world and in our church in particular.
Mother’s day is a time for joy and celebration…it’s a day to acknowledge the debt of gratitude we have for our mothers….
At the same time, Mother’s Day carries with it many different emotions and experiences.

For some, it’s a difficult day. Here’s why:
1) Maybe you’ve lost your mom.

2) Maybe you are a mom that has lost a child.

3) Maybe you’re a woman who’s been trying to have a baby, but you have not been successful.

4) Maybe you are single and you are waiting to meet the right person, and it’s been difficult, and this day reinforces your pain.
It’s complicated.
But, whomever you are, we want to affirm 2 things:
A) whether you have children or not, you are called to be a spiritual mother…you are called to birth and nurture children in the kingdom of God.
B) your identity is not determined by whether you are a biological mother or not. Your identity is based on the truth that you are loved unconditionally by God. That’s where your identity is found.”
At this point, we ask all women in the room to stand. We then offer words of blessing over them.

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